AXON J1DB – New 1-channel-telemetry with additional inductive power monitoring


As in conventional single-channel telemetry systems, the verification of inductive energy reserves on the Rotor Unit was very difficult or even impossible, the J1DB-system transmits on a separate channel the value of the inductively coupled voltage of the Rotor Unit. The Control Unit has two voltage outputs: Channel 1 supplies the strain gauge based measurement data as a ±10V analogue voltage. Channel 2 supplies continuosly the inductive supplied power on the Rotor Unit with a factor of 1:3 as an analogue voltage.
Thus, the quality of the inductive power transfer can be monitored after installation of the measurement shafts during the measurement process. Changes in the supplied voltage, e.g., due to operational axially or radially shaft displacement the voltage value can be observed and evaluated by dynamic transmission of its value.

The Rotor Units are available as chip version in aluminum housing as well as a flexible printed circuit board. With a temperature range of -40 ° C. .. +140 ° C in continuous operation (without thermal enclosure), the J1DB can be operated in almost any situation.

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New, smaller felxible Rotor Unit for J1- and J1D-Systems with a temperature range up to 140°C


For both, J1 and J1D a new, smaller flexible Rotor Unit is available now.

Type description: J1-RF10(T) and J1D-RF13(T)
The new dimensions of 105 x 15 x 3,7mm and the weight of only 4,5 Grams are making it even more easy to run strain gauge measurements under tight environmental conditions. Due to the Rotor Unit can be “wraped” around the shaft, extremly little space is required to install the unit.

Additionally equipped with a new extended temperature range of up to 140°C operating temperature (permanently) the electronics is an absolute all-rounder.

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